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Slow But Steady

I made it to the show last night in plenty of time, and was ready to go pretty much at 8:00 sharp.

So of course the only person signed up to sing was me. I was hanging out at the bar a few minutes later when mvmedic asked me when the show would start, and I told him "When I get some singers." That prompted him and Heather to actually sign up.

So I started around 8:15 or so. The first three rounds were quite short, but people started trickling in after that. The most notable being electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano. Mark was not only fresh from New York, but was also carrying a batch of mint chocolate pizzelles.

Silly me, I didn't even identify the flavor - I just knew they were goooood. Only later did I fully recognize both the taste and remember a certain discussion about mint Ghirardelli. Ah well - I was sorta busy.

valeriesparks and mr_seed showed up - along with a selection of Valerie's coworkers. That helped fill the place out considerably. It was great seeing Valerie again. It'd been something like a month and a half since the previous time.

All in all, we ran 8 rounds before closing at about 1:40. It had gotten pretty quiet at that point, but I still had 9 people in the rotation.

Then we all went our separate ways. I was pretty tired - I took forever shutting down - but I finally headed off to Carrows to commune with my laptop in peace. The main waiter there is now being uncomfortably friendly, on top of always somehow screwing up my order. On the other hand, he's now seating me near electrical outlets...

I backslid and overate, so I got to experience more acid reflux during the night. Fun times.

Today, well, apart from sleeping, I've been still trying to get answers out of this one distributor. All I want to know is how to calculate shipping. Unfortunately, the correct answer from my contact appears to be "I don't know," but what I've mostly gotten is BS. I hopefully have enough info now to at least approximate shipping costs.

I'm not totally sure where the rest of the hours went today, but, well, they went somewhere...

And again, I need to hustle, get clean, get fed, and get to the show.

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