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What? Me Productive?!?

Not much at all done today. I had the version of Firefox on the laptop freeze up on me a couple of times, so I did a virus check, an adware check, and a rootkit check - it's supposedly clean. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the LJ bar. If it keeps happening, I'll experiment with that.

A tiny bit of brainstorming in the work direction. Read: I thought about it in the shower.

I reread all the archives of Wapsi Square, since I had lost track of some of the characters. Good comic - a couple of the sequences actually made me cry.

But then I'm a big wuss.

Kinda scary that the main character's name is Monica Villarreal, though.

I just had dinner with timenchanter who, unlike myself, is busily exchanging rooms with justnate. I suppose someone has to work sometime.

Speaking of which, I need to head to the show...

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