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I finally got out of the house last night around 9:00pm. Better than some days. For some reason (Cheese biscuits) I felt like Red Lobster, and so went there. It was still a half-hour wait, even at that hour. Whatever - I got good service, and the food was, well, adequate in the way that only Red Lobster can manage. It was my only meal yesterday, so I kinda gorged.

I got the check paid off at 10:25, so I was too late to go to the midnight ComedySportz show (Sorry, trivialt!). I started on the around-the-horn way back home (Down Aborn to San Felipe, right on Yerba Buena then back home), then suddenly decided that while I didn't feel social, I was tired of my room.

So I thought it would be nice to find a quiet place with cellular service and a good view, and sit and play on the laptop in my car. So I stayed on San Felipe. In fact I followed both San Felipe and Las Animas roads to their ends - and they end kinda abruptly.

This would have been quite a pleasant little country drive if it weren't for, well, the ghosts. That's a little strong of a statement, but consider. Most of the length of San Felipe, up to the split with Metcalf Road, I was followed extremely closely by a van with its brights on. It was driving me berserk. Behind it was a small sports car, also with its brights on.

Just the reflection from my side mirrors made it hard to see ahead of me properly. Also, being crowded like that meant I stayed up near the speed limit. Between those two, I only saw turnouts after it was a little late to use them.

I had hoped they'd take Metcalf, but when I stayed on San Felipe - so did they. I couldn't take it anymore, and just pulled as much as I could onto the shoulder to let them pass, and stopped.

And they weren't there anymore. I could have sworn there hadn't been a driveway or turnoff before I stopped - but they were both gone. Kinda spooky.

Things were much more peaceful from then on. I didn't find a place up there, though. I ended up driving all over the South Bay looking for a good parking spot with a view. I finally found one on Communication Hill Road - which has some really nice houses going up on it, by the way.

I parked, hooked up the phone, and ended up turning off the Wifi. I was in front of a house that had unsecured wireless. I'm normally immoral enough to take advantage of that, but it seems kinda weird doing it from a car parked out front.

So I sat for a couple of hours, looked over the lights, listened to the radio, and taught myself XML. Good times. I had one Cadillac cruise by me slowly a couple of times. So I won't be surprised if there's some bizarre police report of my car on file...

Today has been considerably more mundane. I got my (shudder) property taxes in the mail, researched pricing for several hours, and went to my parents' place. If anyone tried to contact me, that's why it didn't go through: I have no coverage there.

Today was my first official weekly "do chores at the parents" day. Fortunately for me, their idea of a physically taxing day isn't. I cleaned their gutters, which might be considered work if the gutters on a dome weren't 3 feet off the ground. I finished taking apart the antenna timenchanter and I took down, and loaded it onto their truck. I trimmed some bushes, and cleared a couple of wooden gutters.

Then we all relaxed, talked, and had dinner. And now I'm home.

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