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Fun and Progress

I of course never made it to the bar for pre-setup. But I did make it to Bjorn's party. I hadn't been to Aqui before, and I'll have to fix that. Any restaurant that serves Thai chicken tamales is my kinda place.

It was a nice little group, and I'm compelled to point out that trivialt was a part of it.

I stayed way too long, and as a result didn't make it to the bar until almost 8:30 (But they were serving birthday pie! Mmmmmm.... pie....). I hustled, but still didn't have everything set up until 9:00. Of course, I only had about 6 people in the rotation at that point.

It was sort of a middle of the road night. Far from the busiest we've had, and far from the emptiest. neo83 made an appearance after his long sojourn in the depths of Florida. Stanley did not.

Nikki and Honey were both there for a bit - and both hanging out with each other. Things may be getting better in that world.

sugarbare refused to sing her second song because she "had to get out of there" at around 11:30. I happened to see her after midnight massaging the neck of a cute girl. Such is the power of pussy.

I ran up to two people short of 6 rounds. I did, however, make a reasonable level of tips, but only because Carrie took the tip jar around, and was willing to flash for them.

After the show, the Denny's group consisted of myself, supersniffles, Heather, Alicia, and kizmet100. lucydogstringer was one of those pushing for it, but ended up pooping out on us. It also took some effort to get Alicia to come along, but I believe she ended up enjoying herself.

Today, well, I finally have an account set up with the vendor I've been chasing all this time. Now I need to find another excuse to not make money. I can't say it's been the most productive day otherwise, but that alone is worth at least a small level of celebration.

I need to clean up, then go out and get some food. CCF has been cancelled, so I'll probably be hanging with my friend the laptop...

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