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Not Exactly High Energy

It's been a couple of days of blowing things off. Though it's not part of my main agenda right now, I had a pass to the ESC conference downtown. Today's the last day, and there simply isn't enough time to go.

I missed the window to go to Alameda last night. Now, this wasn't exactly the end of the world, since I was therefore able to go to the Hamptons and hang out. If I hadn't gone, I would have missed my chance to play Marinball, so I'm quite happy with how that turned out.

That of course wasn't the only attraction, but hey - it was certainly fun!

So I schmoozed over there for most of the night, then caravaned home with timenchanter. We hung out for a bit and talked, then I went to bed.

I woke up today around 2:00pm. I mean, I was awake for an hour or so in the morning, but this is ridiculous. I'm getting to the point where I need to hustle - especially since I was too tired last night to go and do pre-setup at the bar, so I need to do that tonight, before heading back down to Bjorn's party.

The distributor still hasn't gotten back to me. I'm not sure if he's swamped, forgot about me, or what.

I also need to do some bills, which is yet again being impacted by my attempts to ignore my financial situation. But I don't think the property tax people care too much about that.

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