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Not Quite the Right Stuff...But Close

Last night's show got reasonably lively - trivialt did, indeed, show up, with Falcore, his replacement for Charlotte.

So did a number of other people. It was still a slow night - I ran about 7 rounds before closing down at 1:30 - but far from a depressing one.

supersniffles was tired of Denny's, so she ended up inviting the remaining people at the bar over to her place. So myself, kizmet100, lucydogstringer, mvmedic and Heather hung out there for several hours, munching on pot roast, chicken with wild rice, fried potatoes, strawberries, and marionberry pie.

Then I dropped off William at his place, Heather at her place, and me at mine. I found a very wet Silver on the doorstep, who has been happily curling up with me ever since.

I've been in bed since then - I need to get clean and ready for the show. On the other hand, I've put together a sample set of pages for my Dad's site. Not the coding I desperately need to work on, but something productive nonetheless.

I continue to find it amusing - and frustrating - how difficult it is to do reliable positioning on web pages, even with the flexibility of CSS. I've finally got something that looks good in IE6, and good in Firefox as long as the window's wide enough. Guess I should be happy with that. If and when he signs off on it, I'll probably verify appearance across the spectrum using one of the relevant services.

At least I got it to certify as good XHTML and good CSS...

Anyway, gotta get in the shower.

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