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Inching Along...

Last night's party wound down bit by bit. I continued in my antisocial ways, and mostly paced the kitchen while the rest of the (awake) members watched "Wedding Crashers."

Around 4:00 (In the new, improved Daylight Savings Time) I drove trivialt home, then headed back to mine.

And slept. A lot. Still doing the "few hours at a time" thing. In between, I mostly studied CSS. I'll hopefully at least get a mock-up of the bibliography to my dad by tomorrow.

After last night's, uh, "punishment", I had a rather strange "speak of the devil" experience today...

When I finally crawled into an actually dressed and ready state, I only had time for some drive-thru in order to make it to the bar on time.

The universe being what it is, this meant that after I set up, the people in the bar - being myself, mvmedic and Heather - spent our time listening to Margaret Cho and Robin Williams from William's iPod. I didn't even start the show until 9:00, after kizmet100 showed up.

It's definitely been the DST special show. People have started trickling in - I'm up to 9 people in the rotation, after two rounds of 6 people apiece.

Apparently trivialt is supposed to show up in a bit - with a replacement for Charlotte! We'll see how that goes.

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