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I Think I'm Getting Somewhere

Last night's show was, on the whole, pretty good. Not what I'd call a hugely high-energy night, but, well - it was Bennie's birthday, so he was there with friends and a sash made from a mylar "Happy Birthday" banner.

timenchanter, markobellydance, and celticnoor made their return - along with bits of Mark's clan.

It's hard to characterize the night, actually. Not much on the order of dancers - except Mark and Jenni were gyrating at each other almost all night. Not as many people - or as many singers - as we've had in the past, but apparently one of the better nights for drink sales. A mellow crowd, but a fair number of high-energy songs...

I ended up with, I think, about 30 individual singers. And ran about four and a half rounds before closing at 1:57.

After the show, myself, supersniffles, Timmie, and Heather did a Denny's run. Timmie and Heather were sort of stuck with it - I was their ride.

I dropped them off at their respective targets, then went home and collapsed in a heap - with companionship from Silver.

Today I've been trying to set up stuff with this one vendor. It's irritating. To order from them, I need an account. To get an account, I need to order from them. I can sort of understand a "we need to know you're serious" sort of thing, but they don't seem to insist on a minimum order size - and I hate ordering things by phone. Sigh. I should get to it before they close for the weekend.

justnate was supposed to come over and paint a little after 2:00. I still haven't seen him, though I understand - things happen. I should probably dig up at least the name of the paint he should be using - after all, it's just two hours to CCF, so I'll have to take off reasonably soon.

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