Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Some progress, I think, but mostly...

I did get somewhere with the one vendor, though things certainly aren't set up. I've also paid the most strident bills.

I made it up here about 7:00 last night, in time to get some sushi. OK, that's an understatement. Frida ordered enough sushi for four, and then guilted me into helping her finish it off.

From there we moved things to the hot tub. We were going to watch a movie, but everyone just went to bed instead. Ah well.

Today has been productive in a completely useless way. Just before bed last night I started a tracing/fixing project on a piece of knotwork I found online. I pretty much spent the day finishing it off. </i>All</i> day. My ability to find things to waste time on is near infinite. I'd post the thing, but I just found that I can't depend on the filling engine to behave properly for disjoint segments. At least not Inkscape's filling engine. So I'll need to massage the data some more.

Poor Stuart has spent the day debugging by phone. He's still doing it, and will probably be doing it all night. Frida has a new job, and has been working at that. But at least she had time to make - and have - dinner with me. Tonight's meal was thankfully comparatively light - tomato bisque with fresh-baked bread.

And I should sign off - timenchanter and markobellydance's plane will be landing in about 10 minutes, and I should get ready and head off to the airport.

Oh - it looks like justnate will be moving into the HoD...

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