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Night and Day

Last night was, well, it was... something.

A fairly slow night, as far as singers went - not quite as dead as last week, but still, we had 9 rounds before closing.

But when there's just a few of us, we get a little, well, silly. I'm trying to remember which happened first - Paul B. stripping to his boxers as Sarah sang "You Can Keep Your Hat On," or Susan interspersing "Stick in the ass!" in trivialt's rendition of "That's The Way I Like It."

That latter started no end of anal jokes. And modified songs.

After I closed down around 1:35, Kristin and mvmedic started doing quite a series of dance moves, mostly quite well synchronized. Every now and then bluize would jump in and do something fairly gymnastic. It was all quite something to watch.

Then I took Jasmine home, grabbed some Jack-in-the-Box, and went home myself. Then surfing, sleep, the usual.

Today I emailed the distributor back. I would have done it earlier, but I was trying to find my business license. This meant going through reams of unopened mail. Something I definitely needed to do - but not for that reason. After calling the city, it turns out they take 4-6 weeks to mail the licenses out.

Apparently the scribes can only illuminate so fast. I'd better be getting gold leaf.

My IRA distribution came in, so I should at least pay a couple of the more strident bills. I also need to pull myself together and head to Alameda.

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