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Slow day.  I spent most of it in that kind of stupor that only severely blocked sinuses can give...

Called in sick to Stuart&Frida, since (1) I was sick, and (2) I had an opportunity to hang out more with (other) people I love.

Of course, I did manage to watch several more episodes of Zim anyway.  Whatever.  Got up around 3:00 to take Mena out to get her phone looked at - it's now running, but needs a new screen.  However she now has a phone the day before her potential interview.

Of course, that took enough running around that I didn't get her home until 5:40 - but I was supposed to meet the gang at KoC at 6:00!  The leadfoot got there by 6:05, where the only person present so far was timenchanter.  But before too long the lovely unbreak_able showed up, and then a carload of jeffercine, cekyr0, and Alex's friend Keri.  We then all headed up to Redwood City to sample some Peruvian food under the expert guidance of Ms. Debbie.

'Twas excellent.  By her order, several of us had Lomo Saltado, a delicious beef, potato, vegetables and rice mixture.  Then we each had a single cookie for dessert, whose name I didn't catch.  Somewhat of a cross between a Christmas nougat cookie and an oreo.  Yummy.

Headed back to KoC for our individual cars.  After about 45 minutes of standing in the parking lot chit-chatting, most of the group went home to sleep and be reasonable.  Timmy headed to exercise, and I hung around.  Had fun talking to people as the bar started to fill up - sugarbare, wavewarrior, hollyk, Eddie and Heather, among others.

After an hour and a half of that, went off to Timmy's to keep the exercising one company, then hung out in his apartment.  Been surfing for a while as he sleeps - about to head home.

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