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Last night I didn't get out of the house until 10:30 or so. Given my huge range of dining possibilities - and slight dizziness - I ended up at Carrows. Some soup, a sandwich, a slice of cheesecake, and much surfing.

It was my only meal yesterday, but I can't say I'm amazed that my weight jumped back up.

My damn laptop battery is dying again, too - it lasts a little under two hours, instead of the 3 it does when fresh. Time for another one soon, I guess.

Today I got up well before noon, got myself cleaned up, and headed up the hill to my parents' place, where I had a nice lunch with them and my cousin Beth. Beth just took a job up here. She's a lot of fun, and at the very least will be showing up at KoC before too long.

That is, when she's not off clubbing in the City.

She left the house around 3:00, then I did a few chores for my parents - including trying to gather data for my dad's website (His publisher insists he have one).

I'm now scheduled to go up there about once a week - generally on Saturdays. They simply have gotten to the point that neither of them can do a lot of the chores necessary to keep the place going.

I left before dinner, I think in part because I was starting to have communication withdrawals. My phone doesn't work up there, and my net addiction starts to act up after a while.

So I came back down the mountain, shopped for some miscellanea at Long's, then grabbed some dinner at Taco Bell.

And now I'm home.

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