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Karaoke Show of Doooooommmm...

I had myself a nice relaxed dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night - just me and my laptop.

Then I meandered my way over to the bar. On the way I had an extremely pleasant Debbie conversation. So pleasant, in fact, that I didn't leave the car and start setting up until around 7:55.

There wasn't exactly a huge crowd waiting, so I wasn't particularly worried. Still, people started trickling in, so I got completely set up by 8:30, and started the show with around 6 singers.

And people kept coming in. And coming in. And, well, coming in.

My chart only has 40 slots in it. But there are around 70-75 songs in the show. Normally, this works fine, since people sing a couple of times. In this case, it meant I started having to look frantically for empty spots on the chart. I'd say about 50 individual singers signed up.

Sadly, a number of the later ones left before getting to their first song - I certainly don't blame them, but it's sad nonetheless.

In fact enough people left that I made it through a fourth round before closing at 1:55. A very short fourth round.

Quite a few old faces resurfaced - Dele, Amber, Kristofer and Sarah being the one major group. Amber even sang a song. Since Dele was there all night, Nikki hung out all night as well, which was nice.

kizmet100 and her crutches came out for a few hours. trivialt showed up not at all.

Trankenstein was there for the whole night, and was a complete pain in the ass. I hadn't realized how well I had most people trained to follow the chart - and figure out why it takes so damn long. I even got the classic "so-and-so's sung four times" bit when someone was getting up for the second time.

I was pretty exhausted by the end of the night, so of course I stayed up late. supersniffles and I went to Denny's (After vainly trying to think of a practical alternative restaurant), then went to her place and watched "The Meaning of Life." I didn't even make it home until around 5:30.

I started doing my usual round of surfing, and woke up at 7:30 in my chair, with my laptop still perched on my lap. So I crawled into bed.

And I haven't been out of bed much since. A couple of hours here and there. I've had a bit of a headache, and I kinda automatically sleep more when that happens - trying to sleep it off, as it were.

So I'm forcing myself to get up, and go get some food.

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