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As Night and Day Blend...

I believe I got "ready for the day" last night around 9:00, then went out and found timenchanter and markobellydance at Homestead Lanes. Timmie was willing to go in search of food with me - we finally found that the Spoons on El Camino was open.

Talked for a bit - mostly about living arrangements and finances - then we tried to drop by the bar, so I could see if I could fix his phone's earphone jack (I have some spray contact cleaner I keep there). It was 10:20, and the bar was locked up tight.

So we meandered back to Mark's place. I spent some time there talking to both of them, then went home.

Not much there - I actually went to bed sorta earlyish for me, and woke up around 10:30. And actually started doing some product research.

I need to find a better supplier, it appears. Not too surprising - and I have other leads. Ah well.

In early afternoon, I got a call from Timmie to bring some contact lens shtuff up to cekyr0, who wasn't looking well at all. Hopefully he's feeling better now.

I then went in search of lunch, finally settling on Chevy's, where I ate waaaaay too much. Dammit. I kept telling myself to pack up half the food, but do I listen? Noooooo.

By the time I finished, it was about time to pick up Mark and Timmie at Mark's place, so I headed over there, helped them load, and to some extent ended up ushering them out the door.

Then up to Stuart&Frida's place. Stuart is off in Houston again, but Frida at least has Esther (His mother) to help a bit with Sabrina. We had some dinner (On top of my lunch of doom. Dammit) - bul-goki with rice and kim-chi, followed by some sort of ice-cream filled eclair type thing with chocolate sauce for dessert. I'm a tad rotund right now.

And then it was time to bundle the boys back up and get them to Oakland Airport. They prepared to fight the airport dragon while I simply drove home. Their plane is supposed to be taking off as I write this.

And now I'll hopefully get back to more product research. Fun!

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