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Ups and Downs

Definitely some good and some bad.

Last night's show was just wonderful, especially from the girl-watcher's perspective. My apologies to my mostly non-breeder friends, but, wow. Really, wow.

Janis came back for the second show in a row, and stayed all night. I'm still trying to figure out how she's managed to become ever cuter. But she's definitely managed. Then there was Natalie, and on top of that a rare appearance by Sunny, whose birthday it was/is (I wasn't clear about the particular day).

It doesn't hurt that they're all great singers - with the descriptor being more on the "excellent" side for Janis.

So that kept me cheerful.

It was another one of those deceptive evenings. I started late, partly because I, well, got there late, but also because there weren't a hell of a lot of us there. When I started the first round, there were four singers in the bar (Not signed up, in the bar). Even so, that first round ended up containing 13 people.

Then it got busy. By the time I closed down at 1:40, I'd only gone through four rounds. Definitely a good night, even if trivialt wasn't there.

Afterwards, lucydogstringer, supersniffles, Jasmine and I did the Denny's thing, and talked for quite some time.

Then I dropped Jasmine off, got myself home, and fiddled until around 4:30, when I fell asleep.

Today has been, well, not so good. Good things have happened, I'm just not in the best of moods.

A lot of it has to do with calling to get another withdrawal from my IRA. For some reason, the thought of it makes me panic. I finally at least called, though we're still playing phone tag.

timenchanter showed up at the house around 1:30, which was a surprise. We hung out for a little bit. The interesting thing was when he asked how I was, and I almost started, well, howling. Every now and then the walls break down a bit. Ah well.

I've just finished a pleasant phone call with bustymcboob. Those are always nice. Of course, she has to call me on her work phone, so I'm paying for the call, but hey.

And now I need to decide whether to call back on the IRA or take a shower. He'll call me if I take a shower. Of course, I'll be unable to answer at that time...

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