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Punctuated Equilibrium

I've been making an at least minor effort to lose weight since early January.

Nothing fancy. I've just been trying to get myself to order smaller portions, and have sometimes managed to stop myself before cleaning a plate.

And it's been working. I think.

The reason I'm not sure is my scale. I bought a digital one supposedly accurate to 0.2 pounds.

And in early January, it did what I expected: My weight varied within around 2 pounds a day, but went down on average.

But for the last few weeks, well...

I went 8 days reading out at precisely 236.

Then 10 days at 235.6.

And I'm on my second day at 233.2.

I'm suspecting something's a little off with the scale. I'd expect a lot more daily variation.

Also, suddenly dropping over two pounds is just, well, a little scary. And doesn't seem to match what I should be seeing the day after eating at the Cheesecake Factory.

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