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I'm just not in the best of moods, lately. Probably something to do with incipient doom - that always kind of clouds up my thinking. Ah well.

I made it to CCF only 10 minutes late last night, and had a good time, as usual. Given the early hour, it was simply myself, misswong77, trivialt, and spondee. At least this time I was close enough to get a little conversation time in with Marin.

We were done in plenty of time, so as Marin rushed off to her boyfriend and "V for Vendetta," the rest of us wandered the mall for a bit - mostly, as it turns out, through the Discovery store. Then we headed off to downtown San Jose and ComedySportz.

ComedySportz was fun, but I think I got the most enjoyment out of watching Lucinda and Stan try to navigate a simple parking structure. She managed to circle the 2nd floor three times, and the third floor twice...

The first show was just the three of us. Well, of people that we knew. Not that it was exactly a sold-out crowd. We mostly contributed many (Sadly appropriate) calls of "Don't drink the brussels sprouts!"

However, timenchanter, markobellydance, qzar_mystik, and nightvzn joined us for the "midnight show." I enjoyed myself better there - for one thing, the show was straight improv, which I prefer to the competition format. For another, we were doing our own show in the corner.

Though our show got a lot more entertaining once we got just outside the theater. It was quite... something. At one point Stan was talking about tossing Mike around, and I blurted out "Oh no, I'll do Kendall, but I won't do Mike!" For some reason they all stopped and stared at me. Go figure.

Then home. I haven't done much beyond play with userpics. After some research, I discovered that the only major browser out there that doesn't handle PNG transparency properly is IE for the PC. This will supposedly finally be fixed in version 7. Meanwhile, if you're reading this, and my icon has an irritatingly bright blue background, get yourself a better browser! Sheesh! You'd think people would have learned by now.

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