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Bits and Pieces

Last night's show ended pretty damn well. For one thing, trivialt showed up sometime after midnight - and then supersniffles showed up. Life was good, even if I could only get Cindi up once.

The Mercury News guy asked to get his song up a bit early so he could go home. This brings his status somewhat into question, but who cares? An elaborate hoax to get moved by two songs (something I would have done anyway) is more his problem than mine.

As I posted before, someone put a $100 bill in my tip jar. When I mentioned this to the bar, sugarbare suggested I share with her - I said I'd be happy to, if she'd start sharing her tips with me. That apparently closed down that line of discussion.

I was giving a ride to Kaye and Heather, and Stan wanted to do a Denny's run, so we all went. Melicio asked about the pink-haired girl, so he now knows her name is "Cindi".

Given the $100 tip, I bought everyone's meal.

Heather was rather involved with some gossip drama. I'm not naming names, and I'm not judging anyone - but involved people might want to step carefully for a bit. From the looks of things, there's been the usual game of Telephone going on.

Then home, and eventually sleep. I didn't wake up today until 1:00, and haven't been all that productive since then. Well, I fiddled with my SVG version of the Sri Yantra a bit, then uploaded it to the open clip art library. So that's my charitable contribution for today.

I'm washing my one green shirt right now, so it will hopefully be ready in time for CCF.

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