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I Always Knew There Was Something Wrong With the Universe...

Not much today - well, apart from the show, now in progress, which is a lot of fun, as always.

It's a slightly slow night for a Thursday, but only slightly - I've got about 20 people in the rotation right now.

A lot of the day was still playing with the Sri Yantra. Fortunately, I think I'm finished with that particular obsession. I finally discovered what I believe to be the classic form - at least it looks a lot like the classic pictures.

The final cut:

I at least discovered why it's so difficult to reconcile the modern solutions to the problem with the majority of classic versions. It's simple: This isn't a correct solution to the problem. There isn't even one nearby. But it looks good, don't it?

The symbol is supposed to represent the universe and its unfolding, and I think it fits remarkably well that while it looks good, it doesn't actually quite add up...

Interesting. I was just interviewed by a guy from the Mercury News.

Hmmm, well, what else - I had a nice dinner with timenchanter before the show.

Then used the need for more slip envelopes as an excuse to hang out at Fry's for a bit.

I've also done some needed accounting changes for the business, but I'm moving at a snail's pace.

spawrhawk is doing some amazing dancing tonight. Janis is here, which makes me very happy - though trivialt is not.

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