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More in the UID "Debate"

I just read this article on, well, basically, how to talk to a proponent of (Un)Intelligent Design.

Not that it will help any. It's very hard to hold a serious discussion with people who consider it a matter of personal pride that they won't ever change their minds, whatever the evidence.

I find these sorts of conflicts irritating, amusing, and sad at the same time. Science, or the scientific method, is our one best tool for discovering - or at least successively approximating - the truth. A vital part of the process is doing one's best to keep an open mind, and admitting that one might be wrong. No idea is inadmissible if it matches the known evidence.

This provides an irresistible target for people who, through some form of "divine revelation" (Normally the revelation of having parents who believed the same thing) are certain they know the truth. An open mind becomes "wishy-washy." A willingness to consider other options becomes "uncertainty."


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