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Wasting Time

Well, I did get some sleep this morning. That's a good thing.

And I interacted with a few people at the bar last night - that's good too.

And several of us went out to Denny's - lucydogstringer, celticnoor, Bennie, markobellydance and timenchanter, where much fun and merriment was had.

Well, except by Timmie. He was kinda passed out.

Then the sleep thing.

However. Interspersed with all of that was the Sri Yantra project - what I was mainly working on at the bar, and what I've been doing all damn day. After several false starts, I finally found someone who had a decent construction technique (This thing is non-trivial) and now have one - and a new, cleaner version of the icon.

'Twas fun, and I've been interested in this thing since my early teens, but, well...

It's a silly way to spend your time.

A quickly colored version of the full image:

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