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Trying to Please Everyone Again

Sabrina's dissatisfaction yesterday finally erupted in a long-term crying and screaming jag. This is sadly fairly normal, so Stuart and I ate dinner while he tried to comfort her.

Then I rushed to the bar. I must have been doing something right - I started only one minute late.

It was another semi-busy night. There were certainly people in the bar (Including trivialt), but it again wasn't exactly "crowded". Even so, the board was nearly full. By the end of the night at 1:55, I had dipped into a fourth round. But just a bit.

Loads of fun, though. The triumvirate was there, bluize was picking her own songs and not complaining about them - people were pretty mellow.

After the show, timenchanter, Stan, supersniffles, Heather and I headed to Denny's, where a fun time was had by all - apart from my smoking Cindi out by eating bell peppers with Tabasco next to her. Live and learn.

At that point, things got mildly hectic. I dropped the boys back at their cars - since they were now sober enough to drive - then took Heather home.

Then zoomed up to Alameda. For some reason I had volunteered to drive Stuart to Oakland Airport. The problem was, I was leaving Milpitas at 3:55, and he needed to leave for the airport around 4:30. And I didn't make it. I got there by about 4:37 or so, but he'd already left by taxi.

It was probably all for the best. I wasn't in the best driving condition, anyway.

I slept the night (and morning) in Alameda, then spent the afternoon mostly talking with Frida.

I also finally have net access to my bank, and am starting in on getting a new Paypal account set up. I'm also wasting a lot of time on the Sri Yantra thing...

I left Alameda around 5:30 this afternoon, and made my way to the bar. Setup was proceeding apace, so I helped a tiny amount, then headed next door to Mario's Italiano. I kept hearing it was pretty good. I agree.

And from there back to the bar, which is starting to pick up. I've spent some time talking to kizmet100's date Sita. Cool girl, though I'm finding the name amusing in conjunction with the Sri Yantra thing.

Then I went and did the antisocial thing of setting up my laptop.

Meanwhile, I'm about halfway through a Vodka Stinger, and have a Timmie in my face, who seems to want me to disconnect from the net and, and, and talk to people...

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