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I've hit my usual "Gee, that was a milestone, let's collapse in a heap!" point. Actually it's more of a panic about organizing the next step. I almost always go weird when confronted with a blank page.

A large part of the problem is that, as a long-time developer, I want to write my own system. I even have fairly good reasons for wanting to do so. The problem is that I need to get started ASAP - money is needed, basically. And while, as I've said before, development goes pretty fast for this stuff, there's still a lot of intermediate testing, verification, bug fixes, etc.

So I keep telling myself to be logical, and start up without building everything first.

Which runs into my anal-retentive side, which is incredibly unhappy with the idea of an "incomplete" start.

All of which simply gains me a migraine and no progress. So I'm going to put the computer down, gently, get my clothes from the dryer, and head to Alameda.

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