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Back to Reality

I'm still trying to deal with this "sufficient sleep" thing, but I'll manage eventually.  Just got back from lunch with timenchanter and some impromptu Fry's, finding out what I did this weekend by reading Timmie's post, that sorta thing.

Headed to the show late again last night.  Proudly displayed my new "I Only Date Crack Whores" shirt.  Ran into "She" on the way out, but I don't think she noticed it.

The show last night was quite nice, if, as usual, a little on the empty side.  There were three downsides:  The usual figuring out where everything is after someone else does the gig, the fact that I have lingering cold effects, and exhaustion.  The latter was completely my fault.  I never completely got onto NY time because I just don't have a regular schedule, but I didn't bother to take a nap in the afternoon despite plenty of opportunity - and need.  That bit hard come 11:00pm.

The cold effects, well, I've still got the mucus production of doom going, so either my vocal chords are coated, or my nasal cavity is plugged.  Both are a pain to sing around.  Both together are impossible.  I soldiered through, though - gotta do my bit to share the pain.

Spent almost all of setup with a slight kook asking me illogical questions about the sound equipment.  I'm used to the type - though they're uncommon at KoC - and wasn't really slowed by it.  However, I was late, and I was slow - as I said, I needed to find things, recoil them,  whatever - and bluize seems to have trouble believing that people can talk and work at the same time.  Amusing, given the amount she talks...

So she shooed him away eventually.  No huge loss.  Her explanation why did slow me down, however.

And then, a pleasant evening, which I ended a little on the short side (Around 12:40) so I could go home.  Eddie took up the slack by giving impromptu salsa lessons - which I need, but was in no condition for.

Managed not to snore too much on the freeway, made it home, crashed out, and surfaced around 11:00.  All is back to normal.

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