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How's This for Dorking?

I was heading out, but wanted to play a bit with PHP standalone scripts without taking the laptop.

So I quickly researched and downloaded the aptly-named TuSSH SSH client for the Treo, then from my restaurant table (1) Wrote a script in Documents-to-go, (2) Uploaded the script with ezFTP, then (3) ran it using TuSSH. All from the comfort of my phone.

Oh, and when it turned out ezFTP was soooo easy it didn't do ASCII transfers, I used the browser to research optimal translation techniques (I've never been able to write a sed or awk script without reading the man pages for some time first).

I could also have run vi, but I hate vi with a passion...

In other news, I got around to using the Cheesecake Factory card that Gretchen gave me way back when - I think for Christmas. I figured it would shave off $10 or so. Turns out there was $45 on the card. Huh? She's a nice kid and all, but what the hell is she doing giving out $45 cards to a friend of a friend? It's not like her family's all that well off...

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