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A Case of the Mondays

I finally managed to crawl out of the house yesterday, and even managed to sit down for dinner for a bit - just at Popeye's, to be sure, but I was at least not eating in the car.

Then off to KoC! It was pretty empty when I got there, and as is typical lately, I started the first round with about three people - myself, kizmet100, and Paul. But again, as is typical lately, it expanded from there. I believe the first round finished after about 12 singers.

Definitely a lazy night - well, not for me, but that was the feel of the bar. With some unusual Monday visitors. cekyr0, jeffercine and misswong77 came out to play, for one thing. trivialt did not. Bennie returned after a long absence - he went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I've really got to do that sometime...

kozmic_tar and Scott discovered my "sing anything in the book" rule for Mondays, and proceeded to take full advantage of it. I'm really not sure which was more painful - the Hansons, or "Greatest Love of All". But that's OK - Jason let me pick at least half of his songs...

supersniffles was there for most of the night, which doesn't feel like it's happened for a while. It was nice, as always. At one point I gave her "Old Time Rock'n'Roll", which she proceeded to do pantless. At that point lucydogstringer was there, so he joined her in pantlessness...

Yes, we're dorks. Deal.

I kept getting fed, for some reason - Paul gave me the remainder of his popcorn chicken and a biscuit, then Cindi brought me a slice of pizza. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it was a bit unusual. What's really unusual is that my scale reads lower today.

I ran for eight rounds, and shut down around 1:40. The bar can't have been doing too badly - bluize was bartending towards the end, and I didn't get a single "shut down now" comment.

Steven wanted to do a Denny's run afterward, so we decided to manage one, despite being reasonably full. It was just him, Roger Rich (I think his name is Roger - he's pretty quiet. And from Minnesota, don't ya know), Cindi and myself. Cindi and I decided that since we'd eaten, we'd grab dessert, so we shared a couple of items.

I finally had the time to talk to Steven about all the rumors that have been going around about him. I'm not publishing the results here - there's been too much of a game of telephone going on as it is. Suffice it to say that there have been things bugging him at the bar, but they're not what's been reported. If you really must know, talk to him - though he's kinda tired of the whole thing.

Then home, and passing out in my chair again. This time I woke up around 9:00, and decided I should stay up if I was going to get anything done. So I cleaned myself up, went and had lunch with timenchanter, then grabbed myself a taillight at Kragen, came home, and installed it.

And went back to snoozing in the chair. Yay me!

The total result is that I haven't really slept today, so I'm feeling pretty out of it. I think I'll go find some dinner, then maybe, even, who knows, sleep.

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