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Over and Around

After coming back to civilization last night (Civilization being defined as "some place with cell phone reception"), I drove back to markobellydance's house to drop timenchanter off.

I was feeling tired, but, well, I can't resist comments like "Want to come say hello?"

As a result, I didn't leave until around 2:30. I was given the crash course in canasta - and given my level of concentration, there were certain "crash" aspects of it. I could tell I was making severe mistakes towards the end of the last game.

But hey, I was hanging out with fun people.

After crawling home, I of course didn't actually make it into my bed until around 6:00 - though that was after waking up in my chair, so I assume I got some sleep there.

Then back up at 1:00 - so here I sit, bleary-eyed.

In the interim, I've spent some time email wrestling. Looks like I'll need to reorganize things a bit, but there's nothing seriously wrong. Finally. OK, I'm a little concerned about Snappermail on my phone - in all the testing, random messages have show up in unusual folders. Random old messages. This of course makes one worry just a teensy bit about database integrity.

And I need to try to get myself up and over to the Gay Bar, to say "Hi" for a bit before the party starts - and I have to go to the show.

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