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Up and Down

I managed a bit of work yesterday, though not a huge amount. What with one thing or another, I didn't make it to the CCF until 7:40. When I couldn't find anyone at the restaurant, I tried the Apple store. When that didn't work, I did a stroll of the mall. I was almost back to check on things when I ran into the group, and discovered we were scheduled for a table at 9:00.

We all ended up spending most of our time talking in the Cheesecake Factory foyer. Several of us gave up and left, for various reasons, but still there were 9 of us in the group when we were finally seated - A new guy (James, I believe - Justin mentioned his LJ ID) who seemed really nice, swanhart, trivialt, entropyca, deekers, misswong77, cekyr0, and jeffercine. A good, and a lively group - though our waiter was our historically least favorite, and though the soup was good, the food wasn't all that. There seemed to be a new manager there, and I suspect somehow that things have been "shaken up" and "improved." Hopefully not permanently...

After dinner, Stan and I spent several hours talking while hanging around his car. He can very well blame me for keeping him up, but should also recognize that I'm the one that finally cut things short and went home. Around 12:45.

Which I did - and futzed around some more with email, mostly.

I went to bed around 5:00, then for some reason woke up at 10:00, and started in on more setup. That kept me going until 1:00, when sleep kinda hit me like a brick.

Unfortunately, I had to be up by 2:00. Which I sorta managed.

I had intended to be at my parents by 3:00. As it is, I left the house at 3:00, and went over to Mark's and scooped up timenchanter.

Then up the hill. We've done our best to be productive while here - my parents' local TV antenna had partially bent over, so we finished the job of taking it down (They don't use it much, so no big loss).

That included breaking off the antenna pole at the base, and bashing the edges of the broken part down. Both of which activities were performed with aplomb by the inestimable Mr. Bowman.

Though he didn't have to use a rock...

As I write this, we're sitting around the living room, recovering from one of my mother's fine dinners. Teriyaki marinated pork loin, mmmm....

But since there's no access up here, who knows when I'll get to posting.

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