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Dance and Damnation

Sunday I got up bright and early (6:00am) and met misswong77, Debbie, spawrhawk, and k_magic at a McDonald's. We grabbed some breakfast, climbed into Lucinda's car, and headed to beautiful Roseville.

As mentioned before, we were there for a church service that included a dance recital by their friend angelsnear's group. Tammy is apparently a bit of a pink freak, so Debbie, Mikey, and Lucinda were all wearing pink, and they made Tim put a bit of pink ribbon on his bracelet.

I wore the closest I had to pink, which was a fairly magenta shirt - especially compared to them. Ah well - this was my first time meeting Tammy, anyway. Who is definitely a very pink person.

As reported, the religious aspects of the situation didn't cause me too much anguish, and the dance parts were a lot of fun. And I was hanging out with cool people, so all was good.

I managed a few photos of the drive home, because, well, one must do what one can to embarass one's friends, no? These pictures were taken with my phone camera, and some have a green streak I'll hopefully be able to fix, later - there's software for it, but it's being an installation nightmare. [EDIT: Finally got around to fixing them 3 months later]

Lucinda drove us all the way there and back with her usual grace and aplomb:

The other three travelers passed out on the drive home, making them easy photographic prey. I've got a number of pictures, but Tim has threatened grave personal harm if I publish his, so I'll just put up one with half a Tim instead - and Mikey&Debbie being unbearably cute (As usual):

And, finally, a quick shot of what Lucinda fought with almost the whole drive home:

Between traffic and storm, we actually spent more time on the road than both the service and lunch.

In fact, I didn't get to my car until a little before 6:00. And I was kinda grimy. So I came home as fast as I could, showered, changed, then rushed to the bar - getting there around 7:30. Not a lot of people right then, but they started showing up fairly rapidly. I finally got going around 8:10, which wasn't too shabby given the timing.

It was a pretty good crowd, in part because it was Debbie's last night here on the left coast. At least I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with why Mikey, Lucinda, cekyr0, jeffercine, and spondee were there. And why trivialt would have liked to have been.

It was also Matt King's birthday, and he decided to celebrate by going to the bar with Marli. So I got to hear her sing after quite a while of doing without.

The first rotation in fact expanded to 23 singers - and dropped off from there. For one thing, Debbie wasn't feeling it, and went home early, and people started drifting off. Still, between people staying and new people showing up, I only did 5 rounds before closing at about 1:40.

Then it was back to transport time - I took Heather to her grandmother's, then took synkitty and Jasmine home, then did another "pass out in the driveway" thing. I of course didn't actually make it into bed until 6:00am - 24 hours after getting up.

And then I woke up today at 11:00. I've been relatively unproductive, in part because I'm still tired. But I need to run out and get that bank account started...

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