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More Sorta Productivity!

After my last post, I grabbed some stuff, steered by Carl's for some food, and made it to the bar by 6:20.

I didn't leave until 9:00, but in that time I:

  • Installed the new mic receiver

  • Went through and tweaked all the new mic settings

  • Tried a new antenna configuration, and verified both mics work all the way to the front door

  • Balanced both mics for volume

  • Cut a shitload of new slips

  • Cut a bunch of new disc placeholder tabs

  • Found out the bulb type for the can that points at the booth, so I can maybe get enough frikkin' light in there to read the disc numbers.

Then I dropped by markobellydance and celticnoor's place (Yes! Kristi has an LJ!) to return the phone Kristi had left at the bar.

I hung out there until around 11:30, then headed home, where I vegged - my best skill.

Today, well, I continued vegging. I didn't make it out of the house until 4:00, but that was early enough to get my San Jose business license taken care of - my only official items left are to get my fictitious name through the county, and a business account at my bank. Hopefully tomorrow.

Then to Trader Joe's to pick up some snacky things for tonight, and home. I'm about to leave for the Hamptons with timenchanter. I just heard that sugarbare and hollyk are there, which should make the evening even more fun.

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