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Hurry Up and Wait

What with one thing and another, got a full 2 and a half hours of sleep. They said check in at 5:00, we checked in at 5:00. We then ran the security gauntlet. This time we all had to take off our shoes, too.

I'm waiting for the day we all stand in line naked.

As it is, the thought of surgery seriously scares me. Mostly because if I end up with any amount of inserted metal, I'm probably going to be looking at full-body cavity searches for the rest of my life...

Of course, now that we're here, the gate isn't open, so there's nothing to do but sit, take advantage of the JetBlue hotspot, and hope we get on.

Looks like the area got about 4 inches of snow last night, most of which has turned to ice on the roads. Everyone, including, fortunately, our van driver, was inching along sloooowly.

So my hope is that, while flights will be taking off as per usual, many passengers just won't make it. We'll see.

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