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Return of the Empress

I of course got to the show last night too late to properly install the new mic, especially since it was Debbie's return.

The first symptom of this was the very welcome presence of the lovely wissavix, who I believe got there after I did - by minutes. We had a pleasant time chatting while I hauled boxes and hooked things up.

I just had enough time to do normal setup, pull the cables I needed before the show started, and get the mic and receiver out of its box. This was made difficult by the flurry of slips I started getting from, I think, around 7:45 on.

Around 8:15 I realized there was no way I could get the new mic fully working, simply left the receiver plugged into the system, and entered 4 people into my chart as quickly as I could, pulling their discs.

I got started at just about 8:32 - shifted the main board over to my system, and got this nasty, fortunately not-too-loud screeching sound. 'Twas a little trip down memory lane - for one thing, Mackie apparently has a teensy bit of cross-talk between channels, even when a channel is muted. I wouldn't be surprised that most mixers do. On top of that, Sennheiser receivers ship default with their signal squelch off - which means they interpret whatever noise is in the environment as a mic transmitter, and pass that on to the system. Wail like banshees, they do. I've been to a show where they didn't know they could increase the squelch value. They at least knew when a mic's battery died pretty rapidly...

So I pulled the sound cable from the new mic receiver as quickly as possible, and got on with it.

Still a little frazzled, though - and not helped by a mild song fiasco with misswong77. A note for people handing me multiple slips - in fact, for people doing so at other karaoke shows: It doesn't matter what you told the KJ the previous night. It frequently doesn't matter what you told him/her 10 minutes ago. It sometimes matters if you number your slips, but in general, the slip on top will be played first.

This was not what Lucinda wanted, however. So I needed to dig out her disc. Then managed to push the wrong number, then stared like a moron at the disc for a bit to figure out what was wrong. It was, well, not the most opportune beginning to a show.

But it got better. How could it not? Debbie was there, for one thing. Dealing pretty well with the general affection, too, from the looks of it. We also had a surprise early visit from supersniffles, because she hadn't felt well at work. Not the happiest of reasons, but we all got more than our usual doses of pink out of it.

Still, between a continuous stream of new slips, and trying to get the mic working before the first duet, I was kept active. I believe I had the mic going, and somewhat sound balanced, by around 8:50. I wasn't caught up with slips until 9:30.

One of the serendipitous happenings of the night was timenchanter making it there shortly before Debbie was up to sing. That meant the "All Hail the Empress" had the appropriate sound when I announced the Empress was up to sing. Lucinda had been concerned.

It was, um, busy. Yeah, that's one word for it. It felt like everyone in the world except trivialt was there. I ran three full rounds, ending at 1:55. So the 6 or so people that put their songs in early enough (that being something like before 9:15), and stayed all night, got to sing 3 times.

I shoved the equipment into a spare spot in the rack, closed everything down, took Heather home, then headed to Carrows for some decompression. For some reason I was able to get an active wi-fi connection, so I surfed and munched at reasonable speeds.

Then home. I responded to a relatively illogical technical support question emailed around 7:00pm - at least they were reacting - then fell asleep in my chair.

I've been up for a few hours now. I finally lost my patience and called them a little while ago and got a similar set of illogical questions. I still don't see how it matters what client was used to send to my site - most people want all clients to be able to send to them.

Cool though - it now works. It took him a little while to get my old address to forward, but that now works too, so I'm reasonably happy. I gotta remember to call these people in the future - their email support sucks.

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