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Bruce [userpic]
Waking Up

Well, I never got around to mic shopping yesterday (I'd better do it today, or misswong77, at the least, will give me a glare of doom). Instead, I dug up my last consulting paycheck, visited Mario, the guy who rents the garage, got a couple of month's rent from him, then ran to the bank before the money evaporated. OK, before I lost the slips of paper.

At least now I have enough money to last through March - just barely.

Between that, rush-hour traffic, and getting some munchies at CostCo, I was half an hour late getting to the Hamptons.

And the Hamptons last night had quite a party, even if trivialt wasn't there. Much munching, much singing, many bad jokes, and a lot of talking. I actually got in a nice half-hour or so of talking with wissavix, which was extremely cool - it's always fun getting to know people, especially when they're cute.

From there I stumbled home and pretty much went to sleep.

Today I crawled out of bed a little after 11:00, and have been doing a number of things, including trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my email. Especially since I still haven't heard back from tech support. I sent off a follow-up email. I think I know, in fact, what the problem is - I just don't have the permissions to modify the file in question.

So, gotta get up, do the mic thing, and get to the show on time. I should probably get to that...

Mood: cheerfulcheerful