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And It's Beginning to Snow...

The day started out pretty well.  We got up, got dressed, packed, left our suitcases in lockers at the hostel, and marched off to breakfast.

Then we went to the TKTS office and got ourselves some Dame Edna tickets.

Wandered around a bit before the show, sauntered through the giant Toy'R'Us of doom, listened to the permanent Peruvian band on the corner, then got to our seats.

The show was extremely funny.  We had quite a good time.  I'd recommend it, especially if you like seeing other people get embarrassed.  If you like being embarrassed yourself, get a seat toward the front.  She dragged one couple on stage and among other things called the wife's mother...

Then we went to the Olympic Diner for a late lunch and some cheesecake, both of which were extremely good (Olympic Diner cheesecake was one of the points of dogma in St. Debbie's catechism of New York).

Subway to hotel, got suitcases, subway to 59th St, wondered how it got so late, and waited for the express A train.

Now, this wasn't posted, but from what I gathered later, they'd rerouted everything slightly because of track repairs, and one of the things they dropped for this weekend was the A express.  We finally got on the 4th passing A local after around 40 minutes of waiting.

So, well, in the end - we missed our flight.  We're in a slightly run-down (But expensive) hotel called the JFK Inn near the airport, waiting for some take-out Chinese.  We'd eat at the hotel restaurant, but it's closed for repairs too...

Tomorrow we get to experience the joy that is stand-by.  Yay!!!

Most of the standard hotels had no room, and at this point it's actually snowing relatively heavily - started as we got into the airport...

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