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Guilty Pleasures

I got tagged a couple of times on this one - I'm not going to pass it on, due to the huge number of people already tagged...

  1. Webcomics. I love me them pictures with text. I have around 30 that I check per night. It's amazing the amount of good artwork - and good storylines - that can be found out there.

  2. Multitools. Show me a hammer, and I'll see a tool that I might use someday. Show me a hammer that's also a pair of pliers, and I start salivating. I think it all started because my parents had one of those "chinese doll" hammers (I think they're still sold) with a series of nested screwdrivers inside the knurled brass handle.

  3. Food. Food is my friend. I adore food. I make frequent food analogies. I talk about the food of different cultures. I know two languages, but I know food names from about 12.

  4. Conversation. I love to talk - and I love to listen. Actually, I'm don't feel guilty about this one at all - but it's a major part of my life. This and food is why I love restaurants so much.

  5. Porn. What can I say? The internet is for porn.


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