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Rocky Night

I finally cleaned myself up yesterday evening, and headed to Chevy's for some sustenance. A little reading and quite a few black beans later, I went home to recover a bit, then head out to the Rocky Horror experience.

Which was... interesting. Not the experience itself - the group. trivialt was there, in a net shirt whose photograph he wouldn't let me acquire for some reason, plus quite a group, of which the most notable was hollyk.

There were several theories roaming around about what the hell was going on with Holly, but she was in full-on bitch mode last night. I was actually surprised a couple of times that she didn't get kicked out, as a matter of fact. But hey - we had fun.

It was a full show, this particular one by the Bawdy Caste. Not a huge attendance, but enough to clog the aisles during the Time Warp. It was fun, it was raunchy, and it reminded me why I don't do Rocky any more.

You see, I like the film. I enjoy seeing it in a theater, on a big screen, with a bunch of enthusiastic people. But I like to hear the dialogue and the music. When the yelled comments come so quick and fast that they overpower the movie, I lose interest. I also tend not to pay any attention to the actors (Though the girl playing Columbia was good, so I guess I pay some attention), and find the spotlight more than a little irritating, because it washes out the film.

Ah well. Not much to say otherwise. I need to clean up and head out to the Gay Bar for cmjfoxfyre's birthday, since I've finally received something resembling an invitation.

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