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Old and New

After last night's post, I joined timenchanter up by City Hall for a quick, but tasty, Lee's Sandwiches dinner - he had to get back and prep for a union meeting.

I headed straight to the bar after that, and set up about an hour early. It gave me time to fix a disc (I'm pretty sure "Waterfalls" is now reliable), and just do some general upkeep.

Odd night last night. Lots of faces I hadn't seen in a while, and quite a number of new ones.

It was Steve's birthday (Scottish Steve), and a bunch of people were there for that. But also quite a few faces that I'm sure had little to do with him - Albert, Aurellia, Tracy, twitchet, to name a few. trivialt was a noticeable member of the festivities.

It started slow - the first round was only 6 people. The second one didn't really finish until around 12:30.

I tried to complete a third one - a bunch of people had left - but was short by two: Susan and mvmedic kinda got shafted.

No Denny's this time, so I took my laptop out for Carrows instead, then went home to collapse.

Except I didn't. I was going to spend today getting various licenses and permits, and decided to do some final research before heading out in the morning. I discovered I was planning stuff in the wrong order, and ended up studying quite a number of documents until around 6:00am, when I finally went to bed.

I tried to catch up with stuff this afternoon, but didn't - I'm still not showered and dressed, for one thing. I've got the weekend for groundwork, and then I'll try to make it out to officialdom on Monday.

But right now, I need to clean up and head out to CCF. I'm at least prepped in that I haven't eaten today.

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