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And Home Again

I woke up this morning to Sabrina calling for her mother to make her some hot chocolate - which was probably unheard, since she was yelling from the living room up to the master bedroom on the second floor.

After 20 minutes or so of that, she decided I might be a more productive line of inquiry. Today, she was a bit less interested in saying "please," so I waited until she actually asked nicely before reacting.

I mixed up her fix, then went back to sleep until about noon, when Frida woke me up with a cup of Earl Grey.

A nice conversation or two later, we had some bagels and lox, and then I headed to the shower, got myself together, and headed back south.

I've been home for a little bit. It's odd - this place is a mess, there's always more drama, and the weather is noticeably less comfortable. But it's home. Ah well. I'll probably be heading back out for dinner shortly, then to the bar.

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