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Elephants and More

I was, of course, running late last night. We were all supposed to be at the Elephant Bar before 7:00. I didn't make it out of the shower and get dressed until 6:25.

timenchanter waited for me so we could carpool. We zoomed up to markobellydance's place, picked him up, and then made it by around 7:05 - much to the relief of a slightly frantic misswong77.

It was a nice dinner - though offhand, I prefer the food at Cheesecake Factory. The attendees this time around were myself, Timmie, Mark, Lucinda, spondee, deekers, yammylee, nightvzn, and trivialt. Yes, it was another confirmed Stan sighting!

I was sorta hoping to talk with Marin a bit, but was relegated to the other end of the table. A slight paucity, there - Mr. Webb is alway fun to talk to, but I haven't figured out how to break through Lee's reserve yet, and the other locals were Stan and David, who were geeking intensely over their Razrs.

Stan had invited a new friend of his (James), who apparently got lost, and showed up quite late. Stan kind of ignored the poor guy when he got there, and I honestly couldn't really hear him over the restaurant noise.

Ah well. 'Twas fun anyway.

The daily Stan SnortWatch has already been performed by Mark, so I'll skip it here.

Afterwards, Timmie, Mark, and I headed to the bar, if only to greet the newly free dancin_whitey. It was a slow night - but lots of friends, and I got to hang out a little with the lovely valeriesparks, as well as listen to her excellent mixing.

Then home.

Today I've just gotten up, and grabbed some Popeye's. I have done some research on the latest project, so it hasn't been a completely unproductive day.

But I'm late for Tim's. Gotta go!

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