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Timmy's Birthday

We got up and ready to go at about 11:00, then all 4 of us trooped to the Metro Diner. Strongly recommended, again - they have the best lox I have ever tasted.

Then, while unbreak_able went her own way, timenchanter, electrichobbit and I set out across Central Park towards the Guggenheim.

Which was a slight disappointment. They were in the middle of installing a precolumbian exhibit in the main spiral, which was therefore closed down. Looks like it's going to be a damn good show, too.

But we saw a selection of their normal shtuff in the side structure, which was fun.

Then a forced march down to 41st St - and Rent. I'll readily admit to never having seen Rent before - I was looking forward to this. And was not disappointed.

Yes, I can see where others in the group might quibble, but it was still a powerful cast and a powerful story. And dammit, I hadn't seen it before.

I'll talk more about Rent later. All I'll say right now is that Debbie made fun of us weaklings for crying during the whole show.

Then a slice of pizza, and an attempt to find a show for the evening. We discovered that Spamalot was previewing, but tickets were not available for some weeks. In fact, not much was to be had, so instead we followed Debbie down to Greenwich, and looked for a bar for birthday drinks while she visited another friend.

After much circling, we settled on Rose's Turn, a quiet piano bar. Debbie joined us, and we all hung out there until 9:00 and the changing of personnel, before heading out again to Stonewall's for some gay history and more comfortable chairs.

After about an hour, we headed out - Mark back home, Debbie to sleep, and Timmy and I to, well, end up circling back to the bistro side of the club for dinner. Which turned out to be a piano bar as well. And an excellent restaurant. Timmy had much fun outing me as straight.

Things then got a little sad. Timmy had muffed a song at Rose's, and really wanted to prove his worth to NY by going to a karaoke bar we'd seen earlier and singing one song well.

Except we couldn't find it. After about an hour of circling fruitlessly (It was a gay karaoke bar, after all), he gave up and we went home, to sleep.

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