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Time Marches On

I never did do that final bit of work for my contract - in fact I emailed my final invoice and report at about 11:58, just before I was shut out of the company account.

I only did about 3 days' worth of work at the beginning of the month, but every coupla K helps, non?

Now Stuart wants me to come in and demo part of it tomorrow morning, which is fine - a little weird, since they've had the code he's talking about for months, but fine.

The time I should have spent working was, well, spent surfing, going to Chili's with timenchanter, then hanging out with Timmie, markobellydance, and Mark's family at the bowling alley (Same one as last week, still don't remember the name), then doing a late night Starbuck's run with Timmie, Mark, and Kristi.

Much fun, not much productive.

I kind of have an idea how I'm going to survive the following months, but it'll require my actually getting off my ass, which would be a change. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I kept Timmie company at the warehouse for a bit, then some delicious cheap Burger King for lunch. I'm home for a bit, then I'll be picking him up and heading to Alameda.

Meanwhile, I've got to figure out something to do about the kids on my stoop. According to kissesoh1, she's been inviting one person over - but that person keeps inviting a posse, and leaving the front door unlocked.

I haven't noticed anything missing, but having teenagers - high school age teenagers - just hanging out in front of my house, especially during school hours, is not cool. I've made this point to her - we'll see how it goes.

It's really strange to drive up to your house, and have 5-6 kids see you, silently stand up, and quietly walk away. Seeing them trickle back from your bedroom window is also kinda nervewracking.

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