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timenchanter extricated me from my room yesterday for some lunch, which was a good thing.

After returning, I managed to procrastinate cleaning up long enough that I made it to the show at about 5 minutes to 8 - and then managed to drop one of the slip boxes on the floor, necessitating quite a cleanup effort by myself, Paul, and synkitty. There still seem to be some envelopes missing, though - I'm going to try to revamp the whole thing tonight.

I got going by 8:30, with an initial rotation of 3 people (Guess which three?). The following two rotations gained about 4 people each. By about 10:00, there were a respectable number of people in the room.

The 6th rotation ended at 1:30, though I did my best to work in a 7th - but didn't quite make it.

It was a good night. A lot of horsing around - and Kendall brought in cornbread.

For some masochistic reason I tried to do "Without Me". There was rather amazing applause after that, so either I got a lot of props for trying it, or it sounded a hell of a lot better at the bar than from where I was standing. Kendall also tried to stump me with "Sunday Girl", but discovered I was the other Blondie fan in the room.

I did my best to close down quickly, because I had people waiting - last night's Denny's run included supersniffles, Kendall, Steven, mvmedic and synkitty. Much fun - and quite loud. I thought we probably made a quite interesting set of overheard conversations.

Then home, and eventually some sleep. I'm trying to get myself up and about again. You'd think the hunger would do it...

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