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My Feet Hurt!

So it turned out the subway we took was an express, which was fine except we had to get off at 125th St., while our hostel was at 101st.

We felt adventurous and walked, which was fine, apart from wrestling with the luggage.  Checked into the hostel, which is cute in a recently painted rundown sorta way.  The room's small, but reasonably heated, clean, and has its own sink.

So we walked a couple of blocks to a diner, had a huge meal - finally!

Then, then for some reason we decided to start walking.  I believe timenchanter wanted to see the theater where we'll be seeing Rent on Saturday.  So we walked all the way down to 41st St.

And back.

My feet hurt.  My legs hurt.  And I just got here - this is going to be some workout.

'Twas fun, though.

Now I've gotta see if I can trace where the power for the TV's coming from, because the wall socket doesn't work, and my laptop's dying...

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