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Dreaming My Life Away

I've done something very close to nothing since my last entry. At one point I managed to get myself up sufficiently to get a sandwich and some snacks from 7-11. At another I woke up in my chair with both my neck and head hurting pretty badly.

After an hour or so of that, I managed to move to the bed. Some sleep and vigorous neck manipulation later, I feel much better.

But still, not a lot to say. I have done a little project research, which is good.

I've also been reading some more of my man Lovecraft, which is always fun. I wonder, though - a huge amount of Lovecraft's "horror" is the concept that we may have been preceded by - and will precede - other intelligences as primary rulers of the planet. Was that really so hard to take in the early reaches of the 20th century? Is it that hard for people to handle now?

It doesn't really take too much thinking to realize that in the immensity that is time, each life is just a blip - and the culture and race that include that life just larger blips.

OK, now I'm starting to sound like him. Time to quite for now - not to mention take a shower and get to the show...

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