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Camping in Alameda

I didn't get myself together enough to head up to Alameda until about 6:30 yesterday. As usual. Sigh.

Stuart&Frida were surprised to see me, which was a bit of a shock. I reminded them I only made contact when I wasn't making it up here...

Fortunately they weren't unhappy to see me. I got some leftover dinner - they'd just had dinner with Howard, one of Stuart's old friends. Howard has just bought himself a yacht, and moved into it. I looked at the brochures - the interior looked pretty damn cool.

I managed to get a reasonable talk in with Stuart, which is good.

Howard went home, then the three of us watched "The Skeleton Key". OK - they watched and I paced. Still, a cool movie.

Frida convinced me to sleep over by tempting me with bagels&lox. She's learned my weakness...

So we've been hanging out today, and talking up a storm as usual. Also a little dog park, some shopping. just a nice relaxing day in pleasant weather.

I'll just be going directly to the show from here.

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