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After my last entry I pretty much, well, went to sleep. In my chair. I spent most of the time from midnight to 6:00am too tired to move out of the chair, and too unconscious to do much.

So, more time gone. Around 6:00 I got enough energy to go and get some food at 7-11, eat said food, then crash in the bed.

I've been up for a little bit, and have started some clothes, so at least something productive is going on - said clothes involving evicting some of kissesoh1's. She didn't seem thrilled when I asked her if she lived in there...

But honestly, I have not done a load of laundry in months that didn't involve removing some of hers.

My idea was to go up to Alameda early today. I suspect that won't come to pass...

But I seriously need to have a long talk with Stuart.

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