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Made It!

So. timenchanter wanted us to leave at 8:30 for the 11:25 flight, which turned out to be a good thing.

We were both running a little late, of course, which wasn't too serious. Almost all of my stuff was packed, and I went over to Mena's room to hand her "She"'s room key, now sans car key.

I also closed the door behind me. In fact, locked it. With the keys inside.

So I called around until I found a locksmith that would be there in half an hour. Except he wasn't. After an hour, this guy calmly sauntered into the house, tried to pick the lock for 15 minutes, then randomly drilled it for another 15 until it opened.

I threw his exorbitant fee for fucking up my lock at him, grabbed my stuff and jumped in Timmie's car. I put my shoes on while on the road.

Thanks to heavy speeding, we made it to the airport at 10:55, then spent 10 minutes trying to find a parking spot.

Then of course ran to the terminal. We were technically too late, but they let us on anyway.

All we had to do was make it through the security checkpoint and to the terminal at the other end of the airport.

Which, in fact, we did. With about 3 minutes to spare. Breakfast (and lunch) was JetBlue snack food, for which we were quite grateful.

And now we're on the subway to Manhattan, and all is cool.

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