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Packing and Drama

So the day's been spent rushing around, trying to find necessities at the last minute. Like, say, a suitcase. And some thermal underwear. And stuff for sugarbare for the show.

And then, well, "She" just had to pick tonight to go on a binge. She was swaying all over the place, going on about how much she loved me and how worthless she is. Jeez. The sad thing is I don't think she can really comprehend why I'm upset with her.

Of course, the fact that she took my car over to Tony's while drunk, then made Mena (Also drunk, with no license) drive back does sorta add to the whole mess. Salient points being (1) can't be too attached if she's heading to Tony's, (2) reckless disregard for my property and the safety of my friends.

Now I have her keys, which means I can extract my car keys, though it turns out Tony soldered her key ring for her (I suspect after I previously asked for them back).  Of course, that isn't all that much of a problem - there's two soldering irons in my room alone.  It's just another thing I have to do before I take off.

Chaos does have its charm, but it's murder on the sleep schedule.

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