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Alameda Daze

I woke up yesterday around 2:00, which I assume means I slept at some point. Crawled out to find out what was going on, to find a note saying Frida was at an appointment, and wanted to walk the dogs & shop when she got back a little after 3:00.

So I got myself cleaned up and relatively presentable.

However, things rarely go as planned. Sabrina was acting up in school, and Frida had to cut her appointment short to go get her. My first inkling of this was as the two of them came in the front door. Sabrina had apparently recently learned "Fine!" as an expression, and Frida was having none of it.

I, uh, moved my ears out of harm's way.

Frida put Sabrina to bed, which means that occasional howls would echo down the stairway. Kind of interesting, actually.

Anyway, after 45 minutes or so of this, Sabrina decided to be nice, and Frida set her up with Toy Story 2, which Sabrina insisted on watching 2 more times as the evening progressed.

I got to watch her, since obviously someone had to stay behind. The dogs stayed home, but Frida had to manage some shopping. After her return, we hung out, while she waited for the time to go pick up Stuart at SFO.

In terms of conversation, this was one of the best visits for quite a while - the last few involved maybe 15 minutes of talking, in little bits here and there. Definitely more satisfying.

And I got to pull another Sabrina watch while Frida picked up Stuart.

This one involved quite a bit more activity. I was "allowed" to participate in an impromptu art project. The girl's growing up - she used a lot of glue, but none spread anywhere but the paper. I was impressed.

Then she insisted I was some kind of furniture. I don't remember if she was sitting on me or standing when Stuart and Frida - thankfully - came home. I seem to have suddenly become accepted into Sabrina's world - I even got an unprompted hug when she went to bed.

Frida whipped up yet another in a series of excellent dinners, and we then ended up scanning the channels for something to watch, which became the tail end of "Pulp Fiction" and part of a "Battlestar Galactica" episode.

They went to bed, I fiddled on the laptop for a bit, then came home. I've slept, and woken up, but I'm still not very conscious.

In between all that, I believe I've narrowed down the DSP I want to use, and I'm looking at clocking options. I'd really like to use a temperature controlled oscillator, to keep time variation down, but the options are pretty limited.

I've also watched half of X. Not something to watch over lunch.

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