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I of course didn't get out of the house yesterday until extremely late - around 6:20, as a matter of fact.

So I left about the time I told Frida I'd get there. Typical.

I ended up making her a little late for an errand she needed to run, but fortunately nothing too serious.

Then we had a nice, low-key evening. She found an incredibly depressing movie to watch ("Interiors"), and we spent a fair amount of time talking.

In fact, I kept her up until 12:15, when she realized how late it was and rushed to bed.

I was going to follow suit shortly thereafter. Ha!

I got myself sucked into a DSP selection black hole, so I've been going through datasheets. That kept me busy until around 5:00 or so, when I forcibly disassociated myself from the laptop.

I'm in bed. My glasses are off, so the laptop isn't a possibility.

So of course I'm playing on the PDA. Earlier it was email. Now it's blogging. Who knows what's next.

I'm tired, but the damn brain just won't shut off.

Dammit, most of the time I'm trying to get it started.

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